Pool Heat Pump vs Solar

Both heat pumps and solar pool heating are environmentally friendly, and costeffective ways of heating your pool. However, there are some major differences in terms of efficiency and other factors which may influence how effective the systems are. So what is the difference between a pool heat pump vs solar pool heating?

Solar pool heating works by using the heat from direct sunlight to warm water, which is cycled through cylinders and back into the pool. While it is very cost-effective to run once it is installed, it is limited in its ability to function. Solar pool heating will only work in direct sunlight, meaning it does not function on a cloudy day or at night. It is also quite a slow process, sometimes taking up to a week to bring a pool up to the required temperature. Solar collector panels also take up quite a bit of space.

On the other hand, heat pumps work by drawing heat from the air around them, and using this to heat pool water. This means that the function is not reliant on sunlight, and can heat your pool at any time of the day or night. Because of the compressor in a heat pump, pool temperatures can be raised much more quickly – sometimes within a day of turning it on. They can operate even at quite low ambient temperatures, and as all Hot Water Heat Pumps are fitted with a de-ice system, there is little to no chance of mechanical interruptions due to ice build-up.

The Benefits Are Clear!

The benefits of choosing a Hot Water Heat Pump over a solar pool heater are clear to see. Not only are they more efficient, faster, and more reliable, our heat pumps are also designed and engineered in Australia and New Zealand, in order to cope with the specific weather and climate that we experience! Call us today to discuss a heat pump for your pool.

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