How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps work very differently to other methods of heating your swimming pool. This is because they don’t spend their energy generating heat. Instead, the extract heat from the air around them in order to heat the water.

A fan draws in air from outside the heat pump, directing it over an evaporator coil. The coil extracts the heat from the air, absorbing it into liquid refrigerant inside the coil, which becomes a gas. The gas passes through a compressor, which increases the temperature even more, passing it through a condenser. This then transfers the heat from the gas into the pool water which circulates through the heater, returning it to the pool. The gas, cooled back to liquid form, returns to the evaporator and the cycle repeats.

The difference between our heat pumps and other brands, is the size of our evaporator coil and the quality of our compressors. Because our heat pumps have been engineered to contain a much larger coil than other heat pumps, they are able to extract much more heat from the outside air. We also use scroll compressors, which are very high efficiency and are therefore able to create and sustain higher water temperatures with the amount of heat gleaned from the air than other heat pumps are capable of achieving.

Does My Swimming Pool Need A Heat Pump?

If you are finding that your swimming pool is often too cold to use, a heat pump might be the solution to your problem. At Hot Water Heat Pumps, we have full confidence in all of our products because we designed them ourselves! We are happy to talk you through all of the benefits of installing a heat pump to regulate the temperature of your swimming pool. Call us today, or fill out the form on our Contact page!

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